Virtual Guide
Intelligent Multimedia Museum Navigation
with Wireless Technology


"Virtual Guide. Intelligent Multimedia Museum Navigation
with Wireless Technology"

Funding: General Secretariat for Research and Technology / Region of East Macedonia - Thrace

The Virtual Guide (VG) project is developing an advanced navigation aid system suitable for deployment in museums and exhibitions using low-cost wireless technologies. A typical VG user holds a portable device (PDA) which facilitates the visit by providing contextualized information and services. The embedded «intelligence» of the system enables the automatic recognition of the visitor's location and thereby adjusting the provided information and multimedia content according to the visitor's location and the surrounding exhibits. The Virtual Guide project will provide rich experience to the visitor, grasp his attention, improve exhibitions usability and increase the visitor's «cultural experience», as well as the cultural / informative result of a visit. Thus, the exhibition site becomes more attractive and its cultural impact is enhanced. The system will be installed and pilot tested at the Ecclesiastical Museum of Alexandroupolis, whose exhibition is concordant to modern museologic guidelines. The design of the Virtual Guide system is flexible in order to allow it to be adjusted to serve other exhibition areas too.