Virtual Guide
Intelligent Multimedia Museum Navigation
with Wireless Technology


Main Objective

The Virtual Guide (VG) project main objective is the development of a flexible navigation aid system, suitable for deployment in museums and other exhibition areas.

Additional Objectives

The Virtual Guide system is being designed to offer:

- Rich and interesting visiting experience
- Improved usability of the exhibition areas
- Enhancement of the visit's «cultural experience»
- Maximization of the information impact of the visit
- Improve the attractiveness and accesibility of the museum and its exhibits
- Increase the cultural reach of the exhibition area

Operation Scenario The basic functionality of the Virtual Guide system is simple. A museum is equipped with a central content management system and a navigation aid application, which has access to information stored in a database. The visitor enters a museum space with a PDA-like device. A wireless network is installed at the museum. The VG system can provide automated location awareness, that is it recognizes the user and its location in the area. Based on its location awareness features, the sustem can provide location-based services and content. VG supports context awareness in other ways too. The user may want to find information to relate items from the same origin or era or have other elements in common. Moreover, the system can assist the navigation of the user in the museum space, by presenting content and proposed paths, based on his own captured profile. This way, the visitors will use VG as a navigation aid that will feature «intelligent behaviour» and that will offer intuitive interfaces providing a rich and rewarding experience.