Virtual Guide
Intelligent Multimedia Museum Navigation
with Wireless Technology

The Project

Project Content and Objectives

The Virtual Guide (VG) project deals with the development of a flexible navigation system for use in museums and other exhibition areas. The typical VG user will be equipped with a portable device (PDA), which will help him to access information and multimedia content, relevant to the exhibits. The notion of context has a centre role in VG. The system is designed to provide relevant (contextualised) services to the user. The context awareness will be automatic or semi-automatic. The provision of context aware services is based largely on visitor location awareness. Based on this knowledge, the system will be able to adjust the context procided, content and services (Location-based sevices). VG aims to explore the possibility of awareness at other levels too. Specifically, depending on the user profile, the content can be adjusted (user profile context). Moreover, relevance among exhibits or exhibit context can be supported. In this way the VG will present intelligent behaviour and the provided services and information will essentialy become context adaptive.

Scientific Coordinator

Professor Christodoulos Chamzas
Cultural & Educational Technology Institute (C.E.T.I.) / R.C. Athena

Research Group Coordinator C.E.T.I. / R.C. Athena

Dr. Christos Emmanouilidis
Senior Researcher
Cultural & Educational Technology Institute (C.E.T.I.) / R.C. Athena

Project Details

Start: June 2006
End: May 31, 2008
Budget: 607.250 Euros

The Project "Virtual Guide: Intelligent Multimedia Museum Navigation with Wireless Technology" is being carried out under the framework of the Regional Development Programme of East Macedonia - Thrace and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Region of East Macedonia - Thrace with final beneficiary the Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology.